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so, this one time, amarok pwned.

this may be a problem with the ipod alone, but i figured it was worth double-checking. my problem is this:

i have an ipod which is broken half of the time (it displays either the "sad mac" or the exclaimation mark folder thing), and when it works, it's because i've hit it several times (no kidding). however, when it works, it works... which is why i'm confused as to why i can't get suse to recognize and mount the thing.

i have another ipod (exact same model - 40GB 4G), and i've had absolutely no problems with it... but i can't remember if i did anything special to get suse to recognize it.

any suggestions?
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September 4 2006, 07:12:59 UTC 10 years ago

open the case and disconnect the battery. this will solve the problem with the exclamation mark/folder error. Sounds like you have a dodgy battery connection.

Then leave it to complete discharge (a minute at most i guess), reconnect the battery and then close the case. Then, re-install the firmware using the iPod updater tool, reboot the iPod and it should be fixed.

how can i safely open the case?

thanks for the help!