Jim (frieden) wrote in suse,

opensuse issues

Hi all, i have been having strange issues with opensuse. 1.) updates dont download keep on getting errors. 2.) it was working with my router but then all of a sudden it would not connect to my network or to the internet, but all the other computers still connect. 3.) nvidia drivers do not work i have tried many times and no luck. it just seems very buggy to me. better then ubuntu but this is just plain weird.
does anyone knoww if these problems have been fixed in opensuse10.2 and if i get the evol version of sled10 will it be easy to update to opensuse10.2
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tell me more about your setup

what kind of machine, what IP addressing scheme? DHCP? static set? which nvidia card do you have?

what error message on downloading updates?
i have a athlon 64 3500+ 1 gb ram 200gig hd dhcp
and now a new issue the zenupdater disappeared from my desktop. Also i am using gnome. the error is some 12456(close cant get the exact number right now) cant be found.
the nvidia card i have is the geforce 6200 le which is on the list.

thank you
ok, im about to head out to work, when i get there I'll help you more.
thanks i think i may of fixed the update issue.
ok this makes no sense. the updater shut down randomly. i restarted it and it worked.
ok, so if that worked, likely your router issue is gone as well?

as for nvidia drivers, go into yast software and make sure you have the package tiny-nvidia-installer

then drop to runlevel 3 by typing in command line (as root) init 3

then do

tiny-nvidia-installer -f

this will force an update and reinstall of the nvidia driver. follow through that, and then do

sax2 -r

and setup your resolution and such. that should do the trick for your nvidia issue - remember that if you update your kernel, you must do this to reinstall the kernel module

thank you i will try the nvidia thing as for the router still being weird not sure. i actually just installed sled because i was getting really annoyed with the weirdness of 10.1 the router works but it looks like the video card still needs to be delt with. i will try it again at 10.2 i think. i am just annoyed with it
hi that did not work and now i cant login to xwindows
did the nivida driver complete install properly?

try sax2 -rV

don't forget to init 5 when you are done
it froze does not like me i guess
it failed gcc not installed i am going to do some more reading on this. this stupid xgly to much of thing is taking way to much of my time.
ok so install gcc

you can do it from command line, just type

yast software

thank you it is yast2 btw.
Now xgl will still now work it says it isnt supported but the website says it is.
just had to reinstall because lost access to xserver again. these nvidia drivers and xgl are really buggy nothign but trouble. wasted way to much time. i would love to have xgl but it isnt worth this amount of time. and buying sled wouldnt fix it either. i got this video card for this purpose to. i am very annoyed. thanks for your help though.