aobere01 (aobere01) wrote in suse,

SUSE 10.2 64 DVD1

Does anybody know what's wrong with the ISO image of openSUSE X86_46 DVD1? I tried downloading it from just about every mirror site I could find, and all I get is 1K of the image and the download is interrupted. Did anybody experience this?

Is there a bad file cached somewhere?

Appreciate any help.

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seems to work fine for me. did you try just using wget?

I tried it with wget and it seems to be working. It'll be a while before it's completely downloaded - I'll let you know how it went.

Thanks again!
it worked for me.
Yes, I too tried to download but each time received the different md-sums
tried 5 times, from 3 different mirrors as a result I download CD-ISO and has made of them DVD-ISO itself by means of the program
make SUSE dvd.Try it!
I'm just confused here. What is the last official version of SUSE?
10.2 is the latest release version (released 7 December).
But y i can download only 10.0 from ?
I'm not sure what you are looking at there because I can download 10.2 from there. Unless you are looking at the Enterprise version, of which the latest release is 10.

With version 10.2 Novell has discontinued the "personal" version that we all know and love (well, rebranded it basically as "OpenSUSE" which is available as both download and retail box). With that, the professional version will now be now known as "SUSE Linux". Nice and confusing!!
Thanx, that is a problem, I used enterprise edition. What is the difference between enterprise version and this one, except that you have to pay for it?
Glad to see that it worked for you - when I tried downloading it (a couple of days after release - silly me) I had the same problem. I had assumed at the time it was just a case of an overloaded server.

In the end I downloaded via the metalink without a problem - was up and happening in about an hour!!