Total perspective vortex (szyslak) wrote in suse,
Total perspective vortex

harddisk ide driver, or not

Greetings everyone.
I'm sure my problem here isn't big or complicated, but I can't see how to fix it, so I hope nobody minds my posing the question here.

I'm trying to add an ide hard disk from my old PC to my suse 9.0 box. I added the disk physically, so I've got 2 hard disks on the first ide channel and 2 cdrom drives on the second. If I try to mount the disk I've added I get the 'can't read superblock' error, so I can't really do much with it. If I boot up knoppix I can see and read the disk fine, so I know it's neither faulty or wrongly connected. I understand the problem might be because I used to have a cdrom on hdb and now I have a harddisk. Also, Hardware Info tells me that my main, working, harddisk is using the ide-disk driver and my not-working one is using ide-default. I wonder if this is it.

Can anyone tell me how I change this, or what otherwise might get it working for me.
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